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MacSzerez provides exceptional prices and support to serve businesses with Apple corporate products. Our goal is to offer a wide range of high-quality and efficient Apple devices tailored to the needs of the business sector. We offer flexible solutions for small, medium and large enterprises to support our partners at every level of business activity.

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It's an environmentally conscious and money-saving

option for your start-up or even for your already existing business.

Thanks to our domestic and international partners, we can provide secondhand, premium Apple products in bulk.

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B2B Business Solutions (Apple Corporate Purchases)

Our corporate solutions assist in enhancing corporate efficiency and competitiveness regardless of the size of the business.
- For small businesses, we offer more flexible solutions to easily integrate Apple products into their daily workflow. For medium-sized companies, we provide options that allow them to fully leverage the advantages of the Apple ecosystem, ensuring efficient work processes and innovation.
- For large enterprises, we offer tailored, scalable solutions that enable the integration of Apple products into the corporate infrastructure.

Our principle is customer-centricity

Our team is committed to assisting our clients in making the best decisions regarding Apple products. Our experts carefully assess the corporate needs and goals, then offer solutions tailored to them. We provide flexible and personalized offers to our clients to ensure that the introduction of Apple devices is simple and efficient, from deployment to technical consultation.

Acquisition and trad-in of used Apple products(devices) in Budapest

Our colleagues are happy to assist you with Apple corporate purchases, whether it's business computers (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini), company iPad tablets, iPhones, or any other Apple product your business may need. If you have any questions or would like detailed information, please visit our specialist store on Attila Street in Budapest. Our experts are at your service.

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MacSzerez Tagság

MacBook és iPhone szupertitkos ötletek  avagy hogyan lépj a következő szintre az Apple világában kézikönyv! Iratkozz fel most!

MacSzerez Tagság

MacBook és iPhone szupertitkos ötletek  avagy hogyan lépj a következő szintre az Apple világában kézikönyv! Iratkozz fel most!