Swissten data and charging cable with textile coating, USB/lightning, 3 m black

4,990 Ft

Main features of Swissten cables:

  • better, faster charging (up to 3A)
  • faster data transfer (480 mbps) Photos, videos or songs are transferred to and another device just by a glance
  • metal coated connectors that protect the connector itself from damage
  • intelligent built-in chip that prevents overcharging, thus protecting the battery
  • braided cable, thanks to which it is much more resistant to daily use, it can withstand up to 10,000 bends without breaking or breaking

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3 m charging and data cable, black. 
With the help of the cable, you can charge devices with a lightning socket or transfer data via a traditional USB connector to adapters, PCs or notebooks.

The cable is equipped with a braided textile coating, which makes it resistant to repeated bending and use.
It is suitable for high-speed data transmission of up to 3A.


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