Sell your Apple

If you want to Sell or Offset, Macserez is the key!

In case of purchase, we will inspect your Apple product in our Budapest showroom in a few minutes,
if we find everything in order, we will pay your product immediately.

1. We will buy your bored product within a day

2. Fast and reliable

3. We will inspect it personally in a few minutes

4. You can even send the product to us by courier

5. We can give you a higher price for your tired Apple product in case of a discount


Presentation room / inspection location:

Please in case of credit link in the comment section, which of our products may interest you.

You can find your serial number here:

Mac OS: Choose Apple menu > The Mac name > The window that appears contains the type and serial number of the computer

iOS: Settings > General > Info > Serial number

MacSzerez Tagság

MacBook és iPhone szupertitkos ötletek  avagy hogyan lépj a következő szintre az Apple világában kézikönyv! Iratkozz fel most!